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Croatia Yacht Charter

With its shimmering waters, a string of magnificent 1, 185 islands dotting the astounding coastline and an array of secluded bays and coves simply waiting to be explored, Croatia is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious and diversified yacht charter destinations in the world. Sailing enthusiasts will find difficult to resist an alluring blend of the Mediterranean cuisine, ancient architecture, abundant historical and cultural heritage of the cities scattered all along the Adriatic coast, mild climate and numerous hidden anchorages that are bound to provide a mesmerizing nautical vacation.

Sailing options
Charter options in Croatia are practically limitless, from a wide range of lovely sailing yachts, comfortable catamarans, sleek motor yachts to luxury mega yachts and cruising vessels such as gulets and motor sailers, you only need to choose the one most suitable to your needs and budget. Sailing boats are available from Istria to Dubrovnik, depending on the cruising region you wish to explore the best. Each sailing zone has its own charm; however, some of the most popular ones are those of central Dalmatia (with a wonderful Split area), then south Croatia (the imminent Dubrovnik and its surroundings), spectacular Kornati archipelago, and Kvarner Bay with thousands of islands and islets dotting the shoreline and a piercing blue sea stretching for miles ahead. All of the charter bases can be easily reached which is yet another advantage of choosing Croatia as your next summer getaway. You also get to choose between a bareboat, skippered and crewed yacht charter, each presenting its own sailing advantages. Your sailing vacation in Croatia may follow 7 or 14 days itineraries or you can enjoy a one-way charter starting almost anywhere within the local cruising areas.

Charter Infrastructure
One of the main appeals of Croatia is a rare fusion of unspoiled nature merging with an intricate set of local maritime infrastructure, which enables all the yacht charter clients to have an ultimate sailing holiday. A wide range of marinas that tend to provide a high-quality service to all the boaters, offering approximately 16 thousand moorings in the sea and 5 thousand dry berths, further improves cruising along the outstanding Adriatic coast. There are 56 marinas overall, 21 of them belonging to the Adriatic Croatian International Club (also known as the ACI Club), ensuring you find a mooring place even in high season. The remaining marinas are also well adapted to the needs of yachtsmen and are relatively short distance away from each other, enhancing the sense of leisure sailing and leaving you more time for exploring the magical scenery as well as crafting a sailing holiday on your own terms. Marinas are scattered along the entire Adriatic coast, all the way from Dubrovnik up to northern Adriatic, leaving you with abundant possibilities for discovering hidden jewels of authentic beauty and experiencing the very best of the sailing world.

Regardless of your cruising route, Croatia is a top summer destination for sailing-yacht set, with splendid beaches, romantic vine covered hillsides contrasting a turquoise sea, an array of coastal towns and remote islands that are blissfully crowd-free, all this easily within your reach as a part of your upcoming sailing holiday on the Adriatic.


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