Gulets and Motor Sailers Croatia

Gulet cruises in Croatia are a great way to explore the magical Croatian coast and islands. Croatia Holidays Charter offers a wide selection of cruising gulets and motor sailers for charter in Croatia.
Although most of them are in Dalmatian ports and marinas, we can arrange for you to embark or disembark in another charter base and, depending on the cruise schedule, there is a possibility of one-way charter.
Crewed charters in Croatia are available from different Adriatic ports such as Split, Trogir, Dubrovnik, Šibenik, Zadar, Pula
Sailing gulets and motor sailers offer a comfortable and unique cruising experience. They boast spacious sundecks, cabins with en-suite bathrooms and A/C, large salons and dining and lounge areas. Our wide selection of rental gulets in Croatia and motor sailers in Croatia covers everything from budget cruising gulets to luxury cruising gulets and motor sailers.
Fully crewed cruising yachts have a tailor-made itinerary that enables you to visit popular cruising destinations. Also, food and drinks are supplied and prepared according to guests’ wishes and needs; gulets are famous for their excellent cuisine. A professional crew will make your cruising vacation on a charter gulet or motor sailer in Croatia even more relaxing. Every sailing gulet has at least a captain, a sailor and a cook, and larger cruising yachts have additional crewmembers. With a cook aboard preparing the local specialities, you will enjoy tasty and healthy Mediterranean and Dalmatian cuisine, as well as local wines, spirits and beers.
Rent a gulet or a motor sailer and explore the top Adriatic destinations. Visit different locations aboard a cruising vessel - enjoy beautiful coastal towns or discover secluded bays and islands. Visiting small harbours and fisherman villages offers you a great insight into their everyday life.
Check our selection of crewed vessels in Croatia, rent a cruising vessel and let us organize your best cruising holiday in Croatia.

Luxury MY Casablanca

From: 45000 EUR
Produced: 2016.
Length: 51.07 m
Cabins: 19 (19)
Berths: 38 (38)

Motor sailer Amorena

From: 37000 EUR
Produced: 2011
Length: 44 m
Cabins: 19
Berths: 40

Mini Cruiser Emanuel

From: 26900 EUR
Produced: 2006
Length: 37.60 m
Cabins: 18
Berths: 35

Motor Sailer Barbara

From: 30000 EUR
Produced: 2006
Length: 41 m
Cabins: 16
Berths: 35

Motor Sailer Cesarica

From: 28500 EUR
Produced: 2013
Length: 41 m
Cabins: 11
Berths: 24 (22+2)

Motor Sailer Vjeko

From: 16000 EUR
Produced: 2009
Length: 30 m
Cabins: 9
Berths: 21

Gulet Gideon

From: 11600 EUR
Produced: 1997, refit 2017
Length: 32 m
Cabins: 8
Berths: 16 (14+2)

Gulet Stella Maris

From: 36000 EUR
Produced: 2004
Length: 38 m
Cabins: 8
Berths: 12

Motor Sailer Luna

From: 20200 EUR
Produced: 2008
Length: 31 m
Cabins: 8
Berths: 18 (16+2)

Motor Sailer Tajna Mora

From: 17 500 EUR
Produced: 2007
Length: 31.00 m
Cabins: 8
Berths: 16 (16)

Motor Sailer Romanca

From: 18900 EUR
Produced: 1998, refit 2014
Length: 28.40 m
Cabins: 8
Berths: 18 (16+2)

Gulet Nautilus

From: 15000 EUR
Produced: 1998, refit 2015
Length: 31 m
Cabins: 8
Berths: 14

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