Skippered Yacht Charter Croatia

A skippered yacht charter is an alternative to bareboat charter because instead of relying on your own nautical skills, you hire a professional skipper who lends his knowledge and skills during the charter period.
Skippered yacht charter is ideal if you are not confident enough about managing the yacht yourself, if you don't possess a valid licence for sailing in Croatia, if your group lacks yachting experience or if you simply want to have a guide during your holiday.
Having a skipper onboard can significantly improve your vacation because he takes complete responsibility for the safety of the yacht, navigation and all aspects of sailing and mooring, so you can simply lay back and relax, knowing that the boat and the safety of your crew is in good hands.
Depending on the size of the yacht and your personal needs, you can also hire a hostess who can prepare you simple meals, help you keep the boat clean and give you some useful suggestions.
It is important that you ensure that both a skipper and a hostess have a separate cabin or a berth and a proper meal onboard.
We always tend to provide a local captain who knows the area very well and who can show you many secluded bays and anchorages usually unknown to tourists, advise about restaurants and places to see, and who creates an itinerary according to your wishes and preferences. In the high season marinas may be overcrowded and a skipper will know when to be at the marina to ensure you a berth and in case of an emergency, a skipper will know what to do.
You can also enjoy learning more about sailing when you have a professional at hand.
A skippered charter has many advantages and it gives you the opportunity to have a stress free, comfortable cruise to some of the most beautiful destinations in Croatia and have one of the greatest sailing holiday experiences.

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