One Way Charter Croatia

One-way charter is an alternative to a regular charter, which means that you start your sailing adventure in one charter base and finish it in another one.  This kind of cruising arrangement  is ideal if you long to discover more parts of Croatia in a single sailing trip and you don’t feel like staying anywhere for too long. It enables you to plan your sailing route more freely, to adapt your sailing experience to your wishes and preferences. One-way charter is also suitable if you travel to Croatia by plane or ferry since it leaves you different arrival / departure ports at your disposal, however, if you leave your car in the main marina, a transfer can be easily arranged to solve the problem. One of the most popular one-way routes is certainly Split – Dubrovnik or vice-versa, but there are other one-way routes that are available as well, such as Trogir – Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik – Trogir, Zadar – Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik – Zadar and many others. By choosing some of these one-way routes, you are free to explore many fascinating places along the way, such as splendid Elafiti islands, a mesmerizing national park Mljet or other lovely islands of central Dalmatia like Hvar, Brac or Vis.  However, please bear in mind that one-way charters usually come with a one-way fee, which varies depending on the size of the vessel and the distance between the starting and finishing points. It is also good to remember that not all sailing boats are available for one-way charters, only the ones selected by the charter company itself. The months preceding the beginning of the sailing season is the best time of the year to start planning your one-way sailing holiday because it gives you a much wider choice of the yachts and destinations available for one-way charters. The type of yacht you choose for chartering is also important considering that some boat types such as luxury yachts and gulets come with a professional crew, which is in charge of navigation and of returning the ship back to its original port. This certainly has its benefits since you don’t have to worry about returning the boat back to the main marina and your focus is solely on the unforgettable sailing experience ahead of you. On the other hand, sailing boats and catamarans may or may not come with a skipper, it is entirely up to you. Some yachts, which are generally not intended for a one-way charter, may be offered to the guests upon their request. However, if you opt for this type of one-way charter, it is good to keep in mind that in some cases your charter will be somewhat shorter than the regular one. This means that you will have to disembark on Friday morning so that the skipper has enough time to return the ship back to its starting point. Naturally, there are cases when one-way charter is possible within a standard charter period.
One way charters are appealing to many charter guests simply because they enable them to have a more profound experience of their cruising destination, but many clients decide to have a 14-days-charter instead, which gives them even more time to explore the irresistible Adriatic coast, and truly savor Croatia as a jewel of the Mediterranean sailing world.

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