How to book?

How to book a boat?
Booking a charter for your perfect holiday in Croatia is possible through just a few simple steps:

Choosing the boat
Once you browse through our extensive offer of yacht models and find a preferred vessel, feel free to fill the booking form (it can be found in the details of every boat) or contact form in order to check the boat's availability. Before you send us an inquiry, please bear in mind to provide as much information as possible, such as a number of cabins you would prefer, your crew number, an exact date of the desired charter period, port of arrival /departure, additional services, etc. It would also be helpful to know whether you would be needing skippers' or hostess' services. In case you would like to charter some particular yacht model that is not enlisted on our website, please send us an inquiry via the contact form in which you can state your preferences. The more detailed your request is, the more suitable offer we can provide. You will receive a reply to your inquiry within 24 hours with the offer of available yacht models suited to your request, together with their corresponding rental prices and other relevant information. Considering that the availability of the boats constantly changes due to high demand, please note that the boats status should be verified on a daily basis and therefore we cannot guarantee that the boats quoted will be available after a certain time period (usually after 2 or 3 days), so your quick feedback would be much appreciated.

Putting in an option
After finding the boat that matches your preferences, you can proceed with booking immediately or you can put in an “option“ on the yacht.  The option means that the boat will be secured in your name and put on hold for a few days, that is, that no booking from another party will be allowed during that period. Putting in an option on the yacht is convenient because it gives you enough time to finalize your decision and arrange the remaining details of your trip such as flight tickets, transfers, etc. Please bear in mind that the existing option may be kept on a desired yacht for only a few days and it cannot include vessels that are on last minute offer.

Confirming the charter
Once you confirm your reservation of the yacht, we will send you the Charter Contract that contains terms and conditions of your charter. The aforementioned contract indicates the dates within which it should be signed and returned to us along with the copy of the down payment. Please note that according to the payment instructions indicated in the Charter Contract the balance payment should be settled at least 30 days before the actual embarkation. For bookings confirmed within 30 days of departure, full payment should be remitted at once. Once a charter fee is completed, we will send you a boarding pass containing all necessary details regarding embarkation.


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