Crewed Yacht Charter Croatia

Crewed yacht charter is a crewed luxury cruise with emphasis on comfort, space and relaxation. It is the most personalized type of charter because every single detail is organized around the client's needs and preferences.
The crew is an important aspect of this cruising experience because every member has very specific tasks and they are professionals who are devoted to making your vacation as enjoyable as possible.
The crew usually consists of a captain and a hostess but depending on the size of the yacht, the crew may be extended to a chef and a guard. Together they take care of the navigation, sailing, maintenance, cooking and cleaning of the yacht, which leaves you to focus solely on your holiday and on exploring the exquisite destinations of the Adriatic on your own private, floating five-star hotel.
On our website you can find a wide choice of crewed yachts for cruising in Croatia; from luxury motor yachts to sailing yachts, gulets and motor sailers.
Crewed yachts are generally bigger and larger than bareboats which means that you can indulge in larger cabins, spacious decks, comfortable interior and exterior designs and all the other amenities which are not a part of standard charter, such as tender for water skiing, kayaks, snorkelling equipment and so on.
Luxury sailing like this allows you to completely relax, enjoy the beautiful surroundings and create the type of vacation that suits you best. This type of charter is intended for both experienced boaters and those who have no previous sailing experience, because it is up to you to choose the level of involvement when it comes to the sailing of the yacht.
The crew is located in separate cabins so you have a sense of privacy and yet the members of the crew are at your disposal all the time. The captain consults you regarding the itinerary and the rest of the crew assists you with helpful suggestions (best anchorages, stunning views and places to see, restaurants that meet your requirements or simply dealing with local customs). Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, celebration of some special occasion or simply a different way of spending your long-planned holiday, crewed yacht charter is an ideal way of emerging yourself in an exciting world of yachting and discovering parts of Mediterranean that will make you return to Croatia again and again.

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