Bareboat Yacht Charter Croatia

Bareboat yacht charter means hiring and sailing the yacht yourself, with no crew involved.
Bareboat charter in Croatia is one of the most appealing forms of yacht chartering since it gives you the freedom to create your own itinerary and explore the Adriatic coast with its towns soaked in history and breathtaking seaside views.
On our web site you will find a wide range of yacht models from all bases, from Istria to Dubrovnik.
Bareboat charter is an excellent way of spending your holiday comfortably with your family and friends but this freedom goes along with responsibility, which means that one of the members must be an experienced sailor who will be responsible for the boat and the safety of other members of the group. However, bareboat rentals usually presume that everyone on board take at least some of the responsibility so that the charter experience is one of teamwork.
Since the success of the cruise depends mostly on you, it is necessary to possess a valid International Certificate of Competence along with a VHF certificate (the use and operation of VHF radio). If you are unsure about the validity of your licence, you can send us the copy of your licence and we will check with the authorities if the licence is valid for sailing in Croatia.
Please bear in mind that without having a valid licence in navigation, you will not be able to opt for bareboat charter irrespective of your sailing experience. In that case, we will gladly provide you with a professional skipper to accompany you during your cruise in Croatia. Before you leave the marina, a member of the staff will give you a short briefing regarding the boat's systems. All our yachts are fully equipped in order to ease and simplify your navigation.
Since you are the one who is in charge of the boat, you are therefore responsible for any potential damages that might arise from negligence or misuse of the yacht and its equipment, which is why a refundable damage deposit is left before the departure.
To make your vacation as enjoyable as possible, you can contact the base manager should you come across any problem or uncertainty during your cruise.Take the opportunity to enjoy superb anchorages, warm climate and spend time cruising the pristine locations of the Adriatic coast in comfort and privacy offered by bareboat charter.


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