Portorož (Slovenia)

Marina Portorož

Marina position
Marina Portorož is the first marina built in Slovenia, located in the protected eastern part of the Gulf of Piran, near Portorož, the Slovenia's largest tourist center.

The marina offers more than a thousand berths available in the sea, on shore and in two hangars.There are 650 sea berths for yachts from 6 up to 30 m. All berths have power and water supply. There are also 300 dry berths. Two vast hangars for storage of vessels are used mostly in the winter. The marina is open whole year round.

Marina Portorož offers large protected parking spaces, 2 restaurants, fuel station, modern bathroom facilities with solar energy heating, swimming pool, tennis courts, multipurpose stadium and beach. There are technical services for different types of maintenance and repair.

Traffic connections
Portorož can easily be reached from three airports: Portorož is located 5 km from the marina, Ljubljana International Airport is 150 km away while Trieste International Airport is 60 km distant.