Marina Kaštela

Marina position
Marina Kastela (43°32´7¨N 16°24´4´E) is situated on south-east shores of Kaštela bay, between historical cities of Split and Trogir, only 7 km away from Split airport.

There are 420 berths with electricity and water connections and 200 dry berths for ship accommodation on land. The marina offers berthing for mega yachts with all supporting services along 500 m breakwater.  Marina Kaštela is open during the whole year.

In the marina there are reception, restaurant, caffe bar sanitary facilities with showers, laundry, parking, service area with 60 tons travel lift, 40 tons carillon for safe boat transport on land and 5 tons crane

Traffic connections
Marina Kastela has good connections with the neighboring cities by network of state roads and highways as well as with all European countries by railroad, bus and ferries. Split airport is situated only 7 km away.
Distances:  Trogir - 15 km, Krka National park - 63 km,  Zadar – 136 km, Wien - 744 km, Graz - 558 km, München - 840 km, Berlin - 1431 km, Milano - 827 km, Trieste - 416 km, Prag - 1 067 km, Budapest - 731 km, Bratislava - 788 km,  Nünberg - 1046 km,  Paris - 1677 km, Zagreb - 389 km.