Budva (Montenegro)

Dukley Marina Budva

Marina position
Dukley Marina Budva (42°16'49.0"N / 18°50'18.6"E) is situated in Budva, next to the old city walls, in the central part of the Montenegro coastline.
It is one of the most attractive nautical destinations in this part of Mediterranean. It extends to 62000 m2 of which 4000 m2 situated on the land.
Marina should be approached carefully with reduced speed. Special attention should be paid on underwater rocks in the area around island of St.Nicola

The marina has 330 commercial berths which are divided in 17 sections, all of the them are equipped with water and electricity.

Marina Budva offers the following facilities: security of marina (24h), video surveillance, maintenance and repair of smaller vessels, washing of the vessel, all kinds of vessel repairs, catering etc.

Traffic connections
For those who arrive by plane in Budva there are 3 airports in the vicinity: Tivat 25 km, Podgorica 60 km and Ćilipi (Croatia) 75 km away. There are also ferryboats from Bari (Italy) or from Rijeka and Split (Croatia's biggest ports at the Adriatic) and the bus connections from Dubrovnik (Croatia), Tirana, Podgorica and Tivat Airport. Most international buses departing from Belgrade, Vienna, Frankfurt, Rijeka, Dubrovnik, Split, Pristina and Tirana.