• Trogir

Set on a small island just off the mainland, Trogir is one of the jewels of the Dalmatian coast.
Trogir is a unique example of an excellently preserved Romanesque island town. The streets of Trogir teem with exceptionally rich history and lush architecture which is the main reason why it is protected by UNESCO since 1997. One of the most important and beautiful things to see in Trogir are St. Mark's Tower from the 15th century where the House of Dalmatian Music is situated today, then an interesting circular colonnade Glorijet, a magnificient Kamerlengo Fortress that offers a wonderful view of Trogir and Treasury and Monastery of St. Dominic. However, the most impressive monuments in Trogir are definitely the Cathedral of St. Lawrence from the 13th century and master's Radovan portal, the most significant medieval portal in this part of Europe.
Trogir is a perfect holiday destination for all those who appreciate the high-quality tourist destinations and have a refined cultural taste. The vicinity of the Split Airport makes Trogir easily accessible whereas the vicinity of other tourist destinations such as Seget, Split and others significantly widens your possibilities and enriches the choice of available activities during your vacation.
When in Trogir, seize the opportunity and explore the lovely island of Ciovo connected to Trogir by a bridge. Ciovo consists of numerous beaches and accommodation ranges from private apartments to luxurious villas next to the sea shore.
On Ciovo you can also find an ACI marina overlooking the very heart of Trogir. The marina has 174 berths and all the other amenities which are essential for a pleasant yachting experience.
The centre of Trogir overflows with many restaurants and taverns that will give you an excellent insight in an outstanding local cuisine. Don't hesitate to visit this amazing old town and let the magic of this place be revealed to you.