Trbounje, Drnis

  • Trbounje, Drnis

Drnis is a small town in inland Dalmatia, situated on the southern slopes of the Promina mountain, right between cities Sibenik and Knin.

Drnis area is comprised of numerous little villages such as Trbounje, Tepljuh, Miljevci, etc.

In Trbounje visitors can see a recently discovered complex of early Christian architecture whereas Miljevci is a part of the National Park Krka with unavoidable destinations such as Roski slap waterfalls, a small island Visovac and Visovac lake.

This area is truly an idyllic place to spend your vacation since it is dotted with canyons, forgotten watermills and beautiful gardens while rural ambiance, family households, local specialties and wines as well as folklore shows attract many visitors.