Sutivan, Brac

  • Sutivan, Brac

Sutivan is a small place nestled at the northwestern part of the island of Brac. With its authentic charm, mild Mediterranean climate, azure waters and Dalmatian hospitality, this picturesque getaway allures many tourists, especially during summertime. Apart from enjoying the sun and the sea, Sutivan offers a plethora of sports activities as well. For example, extreme sports festival “Vanka Regule” takes place in Sutivan every July, organizing competitions in windsurfing, sailing, climbing, kayaking or free ride biking. Cape of Gomilica is an area perfect for underwater fishing whereas cyclists and hikers may enjoy numerous trails dotting the beautiful landscape of this exquisite summer destination. Nature Park Sutivan, located just on the outskirts of Sutivan, is yet another attraction worth exploring in this region, offering a zoo, sports grounds and a delectable Croatian gastronomy. Accommodation ranges from affordable apartments to luxurious villas but if you are a sailing enthusiast, you can rent a yacht and enjoy Sutivan by both land and sea in an all-encompassing adventure. Considered one of the hidden gems of the Dalmatian coast, this summer oasis is a perfect place to spend your upcoming vacation and get inspired by the genuine Mediterranean setting.

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