Sumartin, Brac

  • Sumartin

Sumartin is a small fishing settlement and a port situated on the far east of Brac Island. The Fransiscan Monastery from 1747 and its museum are the trademarks of this simple summer getaway. With only 613 inhabitants, winemaking, fishing and production of olive oil are the main activities, so it is a lovely opportunity to enjoy the local cuisine and ecological products of this area such as cheese, lamb, honey and wine.

Since Sumartin is very close to Makarska (there are frequent ferry lines during high season) vacationing in Sumartin makes it very convenient to visit the nearby cities and explore other destinations on the Adriatic coast.

This picturesque little village is an ideal holiday spot if you prefer to spend your vacation among fewer crowds, secluded bays and unspoiled nature.

Sumartin is a peaceful oasis that has preserved an authentic Mediterranean ambiance and with its long pebble and sandy beaches caressed by clear aquamarine waters and balmy breezes guarantee a lovely and relaxing holiday.

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