• Pag

Pag is the fifth-largest island on the Croatian coast and definitely one of the most unique ones. It is pretty much devoid of vegetation which is why its landscape reminds of the surface of the Moon.

The island is famous for its salt production so if you decide to spend your vacation here, make sure to visit the Salt Museum where you can see all sorts of tools and devices used to collect and transport salt in the past.

One of the finest delicacies of the island is the famous Pag cheese which is one of Croatia's  most valuable export products. A visit to the cheese factory is yet another interesting thing that Pag has to offer to its tourists. Vacationing on Pag gives you also the opportunity to enjoy the island's lamb which is considered to be a delicacy. The biggest two towns are Pag and Novalja.

The best way to explore the town of Pag is to take a leisurely walk down the town's centre and simply enjoy in the relaxing atmosphere and sightseeing. Nested on the main square of Pag Town is Pag Lace Gallery where you can emerge in the world of traditional craftsmanship that is rooted in island's history since the 15th century.

Novalja is a tourist centre of the island and a couple of kilometres away is the beautiful beach Zrce with many clubs, restaurants and more. If you seek a more adventurous  holiday, here you can choose among many activities, such as bungee jumping. Having the longest coastline of all Croatian islands, the island of Pag  guarantees to provide a slice of summer heaven for all those who come to visit it.