• Omis Croatia

Omis is a small town and port located 26 km south-east from Split. It lies on the left coast of Cetina river.

Virtually carved in rock, Omis is a town of wild beauty, turbulent and interesting history and superb traditional gastronomy. If vacationing in Omis, don't miss the opportunity to visit a 15th century Fortica Fortress located at the top of Dinara Mountain and Mirabella Fortress from the 13th century. The latter is nestled in the old town core and offers a wonderful view of Omis and nearby islands.

Omis Klapa Festival is a cultural treat for all those lovers of klapa music and during the festival the whole town buzzes with energy.

The main town beach is sandy and about 1 kilometre long so it is perfect for some family relaxation. However, rafting on Cetina River is by far the most popular activity in Omis and all those sports and adrenaline enthusiasts will appreciate this medium difficult route that is some 9 km long. For those who prefer their comfort zone, you can try hiking in the Cetina canyon or take a ride in a tourist boat along the wonderful Cetina River. You can also visit many excursion sites in the vicinity of Omis, such as the lovely Radman Mills where you can enjoy genuine Dalmatian atmosphere and try the local specialties. Omis is one of the most recognizable tourist resorts on the Adriatic coast that will charm you with its diversity, traditional cuisine and breathtaking sights.