Spend Your Holidays Sailing on a Boat in Croatia

If you are planning on spending your next holidays in Croatia and sailing comes to your mind, then it
might be a good idea. In fact, it is. Croatia, the land of a thousand islands is one of the best destinations
to explore by boat. European countries with sea coastlines are all attractive, but many will agree that
Croatian islands are perfect for sailing holidays as the beauty of the Adriatic coastline and its
archipelagos can hardly be surpassed.

Apart from the freedom that the boat offers you, whether you book bareboat charter or decide to have
skippered sailing holidays, it is the ease with which you get to so many different places what makes a real
pleasure when you explore Croatia by boat. Not having to deal with crowded roads or slow trains during a
hot summer day, uncomfortable buses or public transportation, when you set off on a sailing boat, you
give yourself the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular coastline and the most beautiful islands at a pace
that suits you best.

If you wish to visit Croatian national parks, then you can visit at least five of them as there are three island
national parks that are ideal for sailing trips, Brijuni, Kornati and Mljet, together with the two inland
national parks that can still be reached by boat, as there is a big ACI marina in Skradin, which is the
starting point for visiting Krka waterfalls, while Paklenica National park is easy to reach from the small
coastal town of Starigrad as the park entrance is right next to it. Enjoying natural beauty of Croatia, sailing
through the turquoise water, that is really one unforgettable experience. Not only national parks, but the
best way to several parks of nature in Croatia is being on a sailing holiday.

Croatian coastal cities and towns are rich with history and interesting sites and monuments. If you wish to
discover Split, for instance, then why not do it in the summer when there are several music festivals
taking place, the most famous one being the Ultra Festival. Not only will you have plenty to see and do
during the day, but the nights will probably be even more interesting. And when you finish with one place
just sail to the next one and explore what Zadar, Šibenik or Dubrovnik have to offer. There are numerous
destinations in Croatia with various music and art festivals waiting to be discovered so make sure to
explore some of them during your next sailing adventure.

And finally, island hopping is one of the best perks when going on a boat cruise. As mentioned earlier,
coastal cities are also very interesting, and if you visit Split you will definitely not be disappointed, but
booking a sailing boat, catamaran or any other vessel will give you the luxury to visit several islands in a
couple of days, enjoying the full beauty of Dalmatian islands and its small towns and villages. And in just
a couple of hours, you can sail back to Split or to any other destination.

Sailing adventure is surely to guarantee you that you will have a unique experience when going on
holiday. Croatia boasts with great yacht charter offer and with fantastic Adriatic destinations all you have
to do is book your boat and enjoy cruising down the beautiful coastline.