Private Cruises Croatia – Obligatory and optional costs

All clients interested in booking a gulet, motor sailer or mini cruiser should keep in mind that private cruises entail some additional obligatory costs apart from the boat price and those refer to food, drinks and beverages as well as port fees. In addition to obligatory costs, there are optional ones as well.
The boat price usually includes yacht rental, crew service, bed linen and towels, yacht cleaning, fuel for four hours of navigation per day and 6 hours of air conditioning per day.
The boat price usually does not include food, drinks and beverages, ports and marinas fees, tickets to national parks, one way cruises, crew tips, land transfers and personal expenses.

Food: As far as food is concerned, either full board or half board menus are available when chartering most yachts in Croatia. Half board menus usually include breakfast and lunch whereas full board menus include dinner as well. The clients are required to opt for at least one of these menus during their stay aboard. Sometimes only half board menus are available when chartering certain yachts; however, customized menus may also be available at an additional cost. Price range varies from yacht to yacht but drinks and beverages are not included in the price. The clients pay for both food and drinks directly to the crew on board
the ship. The children are usually given discount on food but this as well varies from yacht to yacht.
Drinks and beverages: When it comes to drinks and beverages, most yacht rentals in Croatia provide multiple options. The first option is to buy drinks and beverages at reasonable prices at the yacht’s bar or you can opt for all-inclusive packages. There are two types of all-inclusive packages. The so-called all-inclusive domestic package includes non-alcoholic drinks and various Croatian alcoholic beverages while there is also an all-inclusive non-alcoholic package. On some yachts, however, you can bring your own beverages on board. In that case, please bear in mind that the corkage fee ranges from 700 to 1000 Euros, depending on the type of yacht you are chartering.

Port fees: Port fees are also obligatory for every type of cruise in Croatia. The total cost of port fees depends on the selected itinerary and ports of call during a cruise and are to be paid in cash on board the ship. The price range of port fees varies from port to port but the yacht may be occasionally anchored and therefore you can reduce the mooring fees. The yacht may be moored at marinas and private marinas at the clients’ special request, which ultimately increases the mooring costs since mooring in marinas tends to be far more expensive than in local ports. The itinerary is selected according to the clients’ preferences and in accordance with the captain.
One way cruises: Most gulets and motor sailers offer the possibility of a one way cruise which means you can embark in one port and disembark in another. One way cruise is usually paid extra but there is also a possibility that it might be included in the initial price of the cruise. Whether one way cruise is possible and whether it will be included in the cruise price or charged extra in a selected week, mostly depends on booking lists and scheduled charters after and prior to your charter. When charged extra, one way fee is to be paid in cash on board.

Water sports equipment: Depending on the yacht category, gulets/motor sailers usually have additional water sports equipment. Water sports that require additional fuel expenses are usually charged per hour whereas the remaining sports equipment (kayak, canoe, snorkeling and fishing equipment) that does not require addition fuel expenses are often included in the boat price.

Please note that these are all general expenses. Each gulet and motor sailer has private cruise prices determined in advance as well as the costs of all additional expenses, both optional and obligatory.

The preference list: After the booking is confirmed, a preference list is sent to each client in which clients can state their special requests regarding food, drinks and beverages, itinerary and other interests. The purpose of the preference list is to help the crew adapt to clients’ wishes and therefore make their cruise as personalized as possible.
Option: In case you have found a yacht suited to your criteria, we recommend putting an option. In charter world, option is a convenient tool for putting a yacht on hold for a few days while you finalize your decision and arrange flight tickets, transfers and other details. While the yacht is under option, no booking from another party will be allowed during that period; however, the existing option on a particular yacht may be kept for only a few days. That is why it is important to keep in mind when your option expires. Booking must be confirmed while option is still active. It is possible though to prolong the option at client’s request.

Reservation: Your booking reservation is valid after you sign the booking contract, charter terms and conditions and after you pay the deposit for yacht rental. Charter payment is usually settled in two parts. 50% of the charter fee is paid immediately after having confirmed the booking reservation whereas the remaining balance payment is due 5 to 6 weeks prior to the
commencement of the charter. The payments are made by bank transfers. All additional costs, both optional and obligatory, are paid in cash directly on board.